FST | Family Systems Trauma Certification

Final Step in the FST Advanced Training Program 
Growing from Education to Application

Certification Pre-Requisites

Participants must have a Master's Degree or higher and completed FST Advanced Training.  The FST Certification process requires participants to share FST work with actual family cases (without identifiable information).

Family Trauma Specialist

Mastery of FST through application is the next step after FST Advanced Training.  FST Certification gives you unique expertise  in treating the entire traumatized family by going beyond learned techniques into practice.

Participant Commitment

To gain confidence through practiced application, participants submit homework reviewed by an FST Consultant prior to each consultation session. Participants attend six 2-hour group consultation sessions. 

What is FST Certification?

✔ Applied learning of FST advanced training skills to your family cases through all 5 Phases of the FST model:

  • Phase I – Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Phase II – Trauma Work Introduction
  • Phase III – Co-Create Trauma Playbooks
  • Phase IV – Troubleshooting and Dress Rehearsals
  • Phase V – Evaluate Progress and Relapse Prevention

✔ Grow in confidence as you submit and present application of the FST techniques each month using your own case family within a small group of FST students and FST Consultant.  HOMEWORK REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED IN ADVANCE OF EACH CONSULTATION SESSION.

✔ Expert consultation with feedback from an FST Consultant virtually 2 hours per session for 6 consecutive sessions. 

✔ Participants must submit homework and attend every session to receive FST Certification.

✔Annual 3-hour Recertification Booster at end of each year to retain and sharpen skills.

Next FST Supervision beginning December 2023. 

In december 2023  een groep op 6 woensdagen van 9.15-11.15 uur:
6 december (startmeeting), 20 december 2023, 17 januari, 7 februari, 6 maart, 3 april 2024

In februari 2024 start een groep van 6 bijeenkomsten op donderdagen van 15.00 uur tot 17.00 uur:
8 februari (start bijeenkomst), 29 februari, 21 maart, 18 april, 16 mei en 13 juni

Learn More About FST Supervision

Download the FST Supervision Guidelines

Preview an FST Consultation Session

Click to see a short sample of the FST Consultation Experience . Dr. Sells is the consultant in this example, but you may receive consultation from another member of the FST Consultation Team.

Payment Options

FST Certification 

Reduced single payment option for RINO Groep participants only.

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3 Month Payment Plan Option

Three monthly payments at reduced pricing for RINO Groep participants.

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