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"Treating The Traumatized Child" eBook with annual membership


"There is nothing I have found to be so comprehensive at an affordable price when it comes to learning how to treat families with trauma. Good for both the seasoned and entry level clinician, FST offers solid support and valuable information to help with the focus of treatment that often becomes obscure to the untrained eye."

-Michael Coffman MA, LPCC-S

"The FST Membership Program gives me a clear path to begin treatment with my traumatized families. Prior to learning the FST tools, I felt just as overwhelmed as the parents! However, the monthly webinars and consultation with Dr. Sells are invaluable, as he provides support, clinical direction, and expertise with a specialized trauma population that is rare in the mental health world. "

Sandra Hall, LCSW

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Members get immediate access to the 18 Core Techniques of Dr. Sells' Family Systems Trauma (FST) Model, archived webinars, exclusive materials created for members and direct access to a supportive community of trauma professionals.


As a mental health practitioner, do you have the tools to treat the individual traumatized child, but not the entire traumatized family?

Do your trauma cases become chronically stuck with no clear solution?

As owner of a group practice, are you looking for a way to unify everyone using a high level family systems trauma approach that is step-by-step?

Family Trauma Membership Program



Membership Benefits Include:

Live webinars with CE hours

On-demand access to webinars

Resource library


Family Trauma Membership Program



Membership Benefits Include:

Treating the Traumatized Child: A Step-by-Step Family Systems Approach eBook

Live webinars with CE hours

On-demand webinars

Resource library


About Dr. Scott P. Sells

Hello, I am Dr. Scott P. Sells. As a social worker and family therapist, I’ve faced the challenges of stuck cases and searching for tools to help my families. My commitment to the mental health profession called me to find solutions for practitioners looking to develop an expertise in family trauma.

After eight years of research in 15 states with more than 1,000 families, I developed the FST | Family Systems Trauma Model to help therapists heal families with trauma. This model and its 18 Core Techniques are the foundation of this Membership Program. Welcome to your home for tools and techniques to become a family trauma expert.


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