Family Trauma Solutions:

  On-Demand Learning

Just fix my kid doesn't work when the child returns to the same unhealthy patterns. Step into the FST journey by joining Founder, Dr. Scott Sells, for webinars using tools and techniques from the FST | Family Systems Trauma model.

  • 3 hours of continuing education from NBCC and ASWB

  • Self-paced learning at your convenience with a download of presentation slides

  • Links to handouts to use with your own clients

  • 30 day access to recording

Healing Suicidal Threats Agenda
Disrespect Webinar Agenda
Anxiety Webinar Agenda

Stopping Extreme Disrespect


Recording available NOW

  • Learn about the family’s role in children’s disrespect by understanding the upside-down hierarchy.
  • Start therapy with hope for the future by focusing on the client’s competencies.
  • Identify the imbalance of love and limits.

Anxious Kids and Anxious Parents


Recording Available NOW

  • Learn about the family’s role in children’s anxiety by understanding overaccommodation.
  • Start therapy with hope for the future by focusing on the client’s competencies.
  • Identify the underlying causes of anxiety through undercurrents.

Healing Child Suicidal Threats: Four Steps to Quickly Diagnose and Treat Its Root Causes


Recording Available NOW

  • Learn to identify the three core family systems drivers of suicide: (1) disengagement; (2) enmeshment; and (3) family secrets.
  • Use key movie clips from the Ordinary People to see suicide through a family systems trauma lens that can be immediately replicated with your clients.
  • Create FST Trauma Playbooks to heal threats or acts of suicide in the “here and now.

Meet Scott

I'm Dr. Scott Sells, Founder of the Family Trauma Institute.

Energized by working with family therapists across our country and internationally, my mission is to help mental health professionals become family trauma experts.

Through the Family Trauma Institute, I share FST | Family Systems Trauma tools and techniques from my latest book, Treating the Traumatized Child:  A Step-by-Step Family Systems Approach (Springer Publishing, 2017). 

I specialize in impossible or stuck cases whose families have not been successful with other counselors.  I share my step-by-step approach using real video case examples to engage participants actively in the process.

Continuing Education Approved

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